Fine Art


I'm honored when someone chooses my work for their home or place of business. I've done many themed installations for business offices, boardrooms and homes.

“Bill, Thank you! We continue to receive compliments on the beautiful photographs. I have given your card to several members.”

“Great art, important message. Let's plan on hanging it the last week in April.”

“Bill, The Canvases are Amazing!!!!! I can’t tell you how happy we are!!! Thank you so much Bill!!!”

In addition to the images on this site, I have an archive of over 50,000 images available for license or purchase. I'm also available for contract work and commissioned custom installations.

If you like an image on the site, there are many printing and mounting options. Contact me for details. Standard size prints may be purchased using the secure shopping cart, or you may contact me directly to discuss other options or services. 717-215-1818.

Commercial Real Estate


My focus in real estate photography is commercial properties. In addition to my expertise in photography, I understand and manage the often difficult tasks with logistics. For example, when I'm shooting a portfolio of properties, I have to scout out the geographic locations, sunlight times, weather conditions and work with property managers to remove distractions from the shoot. Even with all of this planning, there are always distractions in every shoot such as cars, people, window treatments and more. I am an expert in Photoshop and I can remove distractions on a property making sure the final image is bright and compelling to potential buyers or for use in marketing collateral. Aerial, Drone and time-lapse photography is also an option for large commercial or residential development projects.

Contact me to discuss the details of your project.

“Our team was very pleased with the photography. So much so that I have a request…Can you provide for me a quote to shoot our entire apartment portfolio less the Ohio properties?"

“From reviewing Bill Bonney's previous work, I was expecting good, quality photos. Where Bill added value was the collaborative nature he approached the project making sure he captured the content needed to present the quality of our corporate centers. He invested time to understand the impact of light on the various projects over the course of the day to ensure that each image was captured at the optimal time. Through his efforts, we now have a collection of great images to use in our electronic and print media. Thank you very much.”

Commercial Marketing/Advertising


In this fast-paced, short attention span, social media world, photography is king at gaining attention. When done right, no other medium can deliver a message so quickly and so accurately. A great marketing image attracts attention, it communicates, it creates demand, and it starts the sales process. Next to a smart strategy, a great collection of brand images is quite possibly the most important marketing asset a business needs. As an award winning commercial photographer with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising, I am uniquely qualified to provide this service.

Business Marketing and Advertising experience: I have over 20 years experience in marketing and photography. This gives me a unique understanding of how to capture compelling images that get attention and communicate effectively.

“The pictures look great! Thank you!”

"I had time to review these new photos just now. Very nice man."

"The pictures of the restaurant and food are great. Thanks."

"The pictures are awesome! We can't wait to put them on new digital menu boards."



I've been a competitive athlete my whole life. I understand how athletes move, how they react, and how they feel. I can anticipate their movements to capture compelling action photos. I've also run sporting events as part of my marketing business so I know how to capture the essence of an event. I know what images will be helpful in promoting future events. Contact me to discuss your event or promotional needs.

“I love love loveee how you incorporated the feel of the event more this year with your photos. Great job man the photos are excellent! People are loving them too. As we grow, it's important to remember it's not all about the top players on center court, your pictures do a great job reminding people what the rumble is all about. Awesome!”

“I want to write to thank you for your support and service to the Capital-10 miler over the past five years. I've enjoyed working with you and appreciate the quality of your candid photos of the race. Your photos have given us a rich visual history of the event.”



When you want to capture the essence of an event, I'm your guy. I've photographed 100s of events and organized almost as many with my marketing business. Whether it's a sporting event, business event or festival, I'll capture great images for promotional purposes and memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Contact me to discuss your event.



With professional in-house printing equipment, I can offer brilliant prints of my photography. I use Archival Quality Photographic Papers. This professional quality paper is durable, long lasting and suitable for premium quality prints and special occasions. I also have Ultra Premium Matte Papers, High Quality Canvas and many other options.



Looking for something different? or BIG? Whether it's my photos or yours, I can help you with any presentation. Large format wrapped canvas...custom mats and framing...anything's possible. Contact me and I'll help you decide.



With over 15 years experience with Photoshop, I can do just about anything with visual imagery. I can help you fix problems like removing distractions or create enhanced images for personal or business use. Panoramics, HDR, creative editing...the options are endless. Contact me for details/ideas or click here for examples.