The Tree Project

The Tree Project:
When I lived in Lewisberry PA, around the year 2000, I was drawn to this seemingly simple tree I saw every day on my way to work. I noticed how it changed in different seasons and weather conditions. I started to really appreciate its changing beauty and started taking pictures of it.
Over the next 6 years, I accumulated over a thousand different pictures of The Tree. The effort was interesting to me because The Tree reminded me of people. Just like a tree, we grow, we change, sometimes we show our colors, and sometimes we go through difficult times. See a person once and you get a glimpse of who they may be. See them a hundred times and you’ll appreciate a more complex and interesting being. If we are quick to judge a person by just one point in their life, we may miss out on the beauty of their whole being.
In 2012, after moving to Harrisburg, I went back to the tree to take its picture again. I was shocked to see that it was gone! Only a stump was left to mark the place where I had seen so much beauty. This inspired me to revive The Project and add different displays and presentations.
For me, The Tree Project represents the complex beauty in all of us. It shows the beauty of a seemingly simple, living thing over time.

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